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Modular body armor

Dogtech ONE

Adapt the protection according to the risks for your dog

  • The base vest is always supplied with flotation devices and is prepared for AddOn modules agains wild boar, wolf steel and for GPS pockets.

  • The protection module consists of technical fiber and is located in a sealed pocket that is easily applied to the vest.

  • The original.

    Swedish-made wolf steel AddOn for Dogtech One in stainless spring steel.
    Mounts from inside the vest for reduced rattle.

  • Rechargeable LED light with 7 selectable colors.
    Easily attachable to Dogtech One

  • GPS-Pouch in two sizes with MOLLE- and belt loops .

  • All protecive modules and accessories can be used in conjunction with eachother and can be combined to suit your needs.

Wolf Steel

Mounts from the inside

Penis protection



Scarab MAX


Soft and durable




For drainage

Dogtech One 2022

Dogtech One 2022 is a further development of our most advanced dog protective vest One 2020.

The outer fabric is now RipStop, which we laminate together with a technical fiber, with new high-quality reflexes, this has significantly increased durability.

We have chosen to attach an elastic strap between the thigh protectors to keep them together. This increases protection against attacks from behind.

On the inside of the thigh protectors there is now an opening with mesh fabric for drainage and ventilation.

The basic vest is delivered with buoyancy modules that are easily applied to the vest for increased buoyancy.

If you need protection against wild boar, then buy wild boar protection and apply it to the vest. The same applies if you have wolves where you hunt. The protection is applied from the inside of the vest for better mobility and reduced rattling when the dog runs.

On the back we have extended the PALS straps (Pouch Attachment Ladder System). On these you can mount our signal colored MOLLE GPS Pockets, Scarab lights or why not completely other optional aftermarket accessories that are mounted with MOLLE.

The protective modules are easily mounted inside the vest

Dogtech One Modules

Wild boar module

Wolf Steel Module

GPS-Pouch Large

GPS-Pouch Small

Scarab MAX

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Dogtech One, Pro, Euro, Retriever, GPS & TweedLine

  • Storlek
    Omkrets bakom framben
  • XS  
    355-455 mm
  • S    
    450-550 mm
  • SW

    450-550 mm (för Beagel etc)

  • M    
    550-650 mm
  • L    

    630-770 mm

  • XL  
    730-830 mm
  • XXL
    830-950 mm
Dogtech Neck
  • Storlek
    Omkrets runt hals
  • S
    26-30 cm
  • M
    30-40 cm
  • L
    40-50 cm
Dogtech Reflex
  • One Size

    Ställbar storlek med kardborre.

Dogtech Reflex GPS S Small

  • 20-25 cm

    Omkrets runt hals

  • XS           

    Grundväst: 300 g
    Vildsvinsskydd: 65 g

  • S             

    Grundväst: 360 g
    Vildsvinsskydd: 65 g

  • M             

    Grundväst: 500 g
    Vildsvinsskydd: 155 g

  • L             

    Grundväst: 600 g
    Vildsvinsskydd: 200 g

  • XL          

    Grundväst: 670 g
    Vildsvinsskydd: 245 g

  • XXL        

    Grundväst: 730 g
    Vildsvinsskydd: 285 g

  • Moduler

    Scarab lampa: 23 g
    GPS-Ficka Liten: 100 g
    GPS-Ficka Stor: 160 g
    Vargstål Small: 130 g
    Vargstål Large: 300 g