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Wolf Steel

Instructions for adding Wolf Steel to Dogtech One.

Wild boar

Instructions under revision


Instructions for attaching GPS-Pouch MOLLE to Dogtech One / HiVis

Floating units

Instructions for mouting the floatation units in Dogtech One

Scarab MAX

Instructions how to mount Scarab MAX LED-Light to Dogtech One / HiVis

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I get the vest to fit the dog correctly?

Put the vest on by threading it under the dog. Then overlap the velcro over the dog's back.

When this is done, it is important that the vest is not too tight at the back, there should be room for at least one cupped hand between the dog and the back of the vest.
If the vest is too tight at the back, the dog's movements are inhibited and the heat is not vented out of the vest as it should.

For more information, see the instructional video below.

What is recommended with the vest after the hunt?

After hunting, the male dogs have probably urinated on the flap that protects the dog's penis, and we recommend rinsing with lukewarm water and a little detergent and hanging up the vest until the next hunting occasion.

The fact that we protect the male dog's genitals is because we want to protect against sticks, ice edges and the like.

Washing advice

Remove the protective layers before washing.
Hand wash with lukewarm water and soap.

The vest must not be tumble-dried.
Avoid leaving the vest in direct sunlight.


We at Dogtech value receiving information, events, thoughts on improvements, etc. that enable us to further develop our dog protection products.

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Instructional video: Putting on and taking off a protective vest.

Instruction video GPS-Pouch MOLLE

Step 1

Begin by threading the straps from the GPS pocket through a row of the vest's PALS straps.


Then continue threading the straps back into the GPS pocket.
Then continue alternating the straps until you have attached the entire pocket.


Leftover webbing from the GPS pouch is folded and tucked back under the pouch.
Make sure the puch is secure by gently pulling it.


The strap from the GPS-Pouch MOLLE must be alternated between vest and pocket every other row. Otherwise, the pouch will not be properly attached to the vest.

Instruction video Wolf Steel Module

Instruction video Wolf Steel Module

Instruction video: Floatation units

Instruction video: Scarab MAX